About Us

History of Company

 Henry S. Viramontes founded Viramontes Express in May 1978.  Henry began by purchasing two semi trucks and trailers and leased a portion of property on Red Star Fertilizer’s premises located in Corona, CA.  Here he began to produce mulches and soil mixes solely for Red Star.  In 1985 he   provided similar materials to the Scott’s Company and many local nurseries.  Later that year he purchased a grinder and started to grind wood for co-generation facilities that burn it to produce electricity.  As the demand for wood chips peaked throughout the late eighties and mid-nineties Henry acquired six additional semi trucks and trailers to accommodate the growing industry.  This also warranted hiring additional drivers and production employees including his sons Gary and Steven Viramontes.

In 1994 Henry purchased his first live floor trailer which walks bulk or palletized material by a lever activated hydraulic system.  This trailer increased his ability to provide larger quantities of material at a quicker rate and improved the cleanliness of the unloading process.  He also began to haul cattle feed in the trailers for local dairies from various places in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

 Due to the growing demand of his materials and services, in 1997 Henry built on-site office and hired his daughter, Suzana Viramontes, to manage it. This office on the premises allowed for a more cohesive and efficient operation. 

 In June of 2000 Henry purchased fifty acres in Corona, CA where he moved his operations and office.  At this location he stores and produces various materials such as wood chips, bark, compost, sawdust, and soil amendments through a grinding and screening process.  This property also includes a 10,000 square foot machine and repair shop where he and his engineer, Sam Stalker, custom designed and manufactured two tub grinders and two trommel screens.

 Today Viramontes Express includes a fleet of fifteen trucks, eighteen trailers, four grinders, three trommel screens, nine Caterpillar tractor loaders, and two water trucks Viramontes Express provides products, grinding and/or trucking services to over sixty clients.

 Viramontes Express’s highest volume customer is The Scott’s Company.  Viramontes Express provides products such as bark, sand, wood and green chips to the facility located in Chino, CA and Maricopa, AZ.  Viramontes Express has also provided trucking services to their plants located in Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Northern California.

 Viramontes Express produced a product named Sequoia Blend for erosion control and ground cover.  The blend is made from fifty percent greens and fifty percent wood.  Viramontes Express has provided this product and trucking services to Cal Trans for erosion control on the side of the freeways.  Synagro Composting Facility also purchases a product similar to this to mix with their raw waste to produce useable compost.

Viramontes Express hauls cattle feed to and from Arizona, Nevada, and all of California for various brokers such as Cal By-Products, J.D. Hieskel, Interwest Commodities, The Wilbur-Ellis Company, Imperial Western Products and Western Milling.

 Viramontes Express has been providing wood chips used as fuel to co-generation facilities such as Colmac Energy, Dinuba Energy, Delano and Rio Bravo Fresno for the past fourteen years.

   In March 2003 Viramontes Express contracted with Consolidated Disposal

Services to provide grinding services for two years.  Viramontes Express provides two operators, a horizontal grinder, a loader and a fully equipped service truck for on-site repairs to perform this job adequately.  Consolidated is very pleased with Viramontes Express.